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- Date: 14th April 2022
- Time: 16.30 (CEST); 10.30 AM (EST); 7.30 AM (PST)
- Where: Online
- Language: English


With engineered materials like CLT we can fully prefabricate the timber structures with extraordinary construction speed, quality and precision. We are capable of building structures resistant to horizontal loads and seismic actions, thanks to the great weight/resistance ratio. This material and the innovative connections to work with it have changed the way we are building with timber and the potential of these constructions. Learn how this material is produced, how to use it, what are its characteristics and advantages. Understand why the seismic and fire resistance is so good with timber structures. Understand what the innovative solutions for connections of CLT structures are, to fully exploit the potential of the material.

The webinar, in two hours and a half, explains in a first part the CLT as material, its production, how to use it, advantages, potential, prefabrication, reuse, seismic and fire. In the second part the webinar we explain some solutions for the connections of this engineered material: connectors for CLT and mass timber and innovative connections.

  • CLT as a building material (advantages, prefabrication, production, future development) - 35 min
  • Innovative connections for CLT structures – 35 min
  • Final Q&A – 10 min

The course is especially for students, engineers, architects and designers who wish to learn more about CLT. This is the first in a series of webinars designed for 2022 and, on this occasion, it is free of charge. Don’t miss this opportunity, we wait for you at the webinar!


Matteo Andreottola - Rothoblaas

Please note that the subscription period ends on April 12th and you will receive the link to join the webinar on April 13th.